Beautiful Bordeaux, beautiful people, beautiful memories !

WELL ! Its been an AMAZING week ! Friday and Saturday I was fortunate enough to be at the FABULOUS Fanhams Hall to capture two wonderful weddings (images to follow) and was there again on Sunday to meet lots of equally fabulous people to chat about their own upcoming weddings ! BLISS !

Monday started early but for a VERY good reason, I was off to Bordeaux to photograph Samantha and Bertrand’s wedding. There are some places in the world that make you wonder if you are actually alive and there because they are just so pretty and this was certainly the case on Monday. Everything about the place was just so effortlessly beautiful which meant Sam and Bert fitted in with EASE ! Bert said something to me that resonated. We walked past a photographers and he said “they were your competition but with you we just gelled” and I LOVE that ! I love that people recognize the personal and passionate way I go about what I do even before they have seen me do what I said I would on their OWN day. I genuinely love every second of what I do and even when those seconds turned into 21 hours (!) on Monday I was still buzzing when I wandered back to the hotel. Photography has a way of freezing a moment in time so that those precious moments stay clear long after our memories become fuzzy and its for that reason I treat what I do with respect but also with true passion and a want to do it in such a way that people actually ENJOY the process ! Cameras are to photography what pens are to poetry, simply a tool to record a creative and beautiful creation and I will personally never want to stop doing what I love to do so dearly.

Thank you Sam and Bert, I look forward to going through ALL your pix but here’s a taster in the meantime !

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