Beautiful natural wedding photography at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

Oh my word ! I will ALWAYS want to photograph weddings and Helen and Bill’s wedding is a perfect example as to why ! I arrived to capture shots of Helen turning from a beautiful girl into an even more beautiful Princess, surrounded by her ‘subjects’ in the form of┬ábridesmaids loving every minute of the morning !

The feeling of ‘love’ was there from the off. Not just between Helen and Bill but the family and friends who were all there. From Bill and his closest FIFTEEN or so best friends from when he was a boy, Helen and her aforementioned bridesmaids and friends to the family on both sides it was clearly a day that no one would have missed for the World !

I can honestly say that it was a joy from start to finish (late into the night, although it certainly didn’t feel that way !) and I left the wedding BUZZING !

I love capturing the essence of what makes each and every wedding brilliant and beautiful in its own way and simply not running through a check-list of shots to get. The magic is in the moments you couldn’t stage nor foresee coming. Obviously there are moments of beauty that I DO capture but I always like these moments to be fun and peaceful ‘them’ times for the couple and capture the family group shots in 10 minutes or less. This means that the wedding day can ‘breathe’, become a fun living day and I can capture shots that will be precious to the couple and future generations forever.

Helen and Bill, ‘thank you’ for entrusting me with your day and I’m genuinely thrilled you love your pix !






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