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Photoshoot in relaxed Hertford studio in Hertfordshire

Photographs of loved ones make beautiful gifts.

It could be a selection of photographs of all the generations of the family including you (if it’s you who takes the family snaps) or just a combination of shots of your children together or individually. Feel free to chat to us about your requirements.

Mini shoot photoshoot session £47

  • These are 20 minute mini sessions
  • Include two hires digital hires files
  • They are based at our studio in Hertford
  • Additional files and prints are available to purchase
  • A viewing of the images is held at the studio approximately two weeks after your shoot

Payable at the time of booking.

Book via fbmessenger/text/phone/email 07903 088906 or 01992

Here are a small selection of images from previous photo sessions to give you an idea of our style of photography.


Ami and Phil’s Dream Wedding at Maidens Barn

What an amazing summer this has turned out to be, and it’s STILL GOING ! Ami and Phil’s wedding was a highlight ! All day long they were relaxed, enjoying the ‘moment’ and  it was a fabulous way to celebrate my Saint’s namesake day ! I always love to be somewhere fabulous on St Patrick’s Day and this year, Ami and Phil provided a most excellent setting ! There was a strong family feel to the day and it was clear that both sides of the family were close and it was genuinely heartwarming. I look forward to many more days like these and ‘freezing’ the moment for generations to come.

“Working with Pat and Jacky has been a pleasure throughout – from the initial meeting, photography on the day, through to production of the final album. Seeing it all finished, the image quality, print finish and album quality is amazing! Our parents are also very pleased and impressed with their smaller albums. Everyone commented on the day how relaxed you made them feel, and also how well organised and efficient you were with all the group shots and it’s great seeing it all finished. The whole day was captured perfectly from start to finish. Thank you very much.” Phil & Ami

Siobhan and Ryan’s fabulous Fanhams Hall Wedding!

There is something quite lovely about gathering a whole bunch of special wedding memories and creating a beautiful keepsake to treasure.

Siobhan and Ryan were a bundle of fun to photograph and we are delighted to say they were absolutely thrilled with their finished album!

“What a professional, loved the photos from my big day, highly recommend..” Ryan Coogan


The Worshipful Company of Engineers Awards Livery Dinner with HRH The Princess Royal

What a beautiful evening the 18th July was. There’s always something very special about London in my humble opinion. It always feels alive ! It certainly felt special on the 18th and I was honoured to spend time with the positive people of City Livery and also of course, HRH The Princess Royal. I found her to be a most charming individual and she truly engaged with all the recipients of awards and their extended teams. It was a genuine pleasure to watch her and those around her. There was plenty of laughter and in-depth chats and she had time for everyone.

More images here:

Valentine’s Day photoshoot Hertford

preview (4)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the shops are starting to Celotape hearts and bows to boxes of chocolates as we speak ! If you are looking for something special to treat your loved one too, how about a makeover and relaxed studio photoshoot ? There’s something lovely about being pampered for a while and then having a beautiful reminder ! The studio shoot is £25 which includes a 10″x8″ print and the optional makeover is £35. If you’d like to purchase a voucher in time for Valentines please contact me. The voucher is valid for 6 months so there’s plenty of time for the Big Day to be planned !

Getting married? Free engagement photo shoot!


Have you started 2017 in a beautifully romantic way ? I would LOVE to hear how the proposal was made ! Was it a surprise ? Did it all go according to plan or was the ‘new plan’ even more special ?

It’d be lovely to share some romance as we start the New Year and, with your permission, post your lovely stories to warm our hearts on these chilly days !

Also, from January through to March I am doing free engagement sessions for anyone wanting to mark the occasion and remember it as a beautiful step in their live’s journey !

Fanhams Hall Wedding Photography Hertfordshire

As the sun is shining today I thought I’d pop some memories up which are suitably beautiful, bright, cheerful and good for the soul ! Laura and Gareth’s wedding was an absolute joy ! There were beautiful smiles everywhere I looked and every colour of the rainbow too ! The groom and their sons were über chic in their choice of suit. Pocket watch ? But of course ! Slick hair and strut that would make the cast of Mad Men look like were about to milk the cows ? Yes, and with staggering ease ! The bride and bridesmaids were enough to thank my lucky stars for the gift of vision ! The dresses, make-up and hair all came together to create the look a young girl perhaps dreamt of as a child, and speaking of children, their daughter looked every inch a mini-princess !

The day rolled along with ease, as weddings seem to have a habit of doing at Fanhams Hall ! The building and grounds seemed to stand even prouder than usual as the sun lit every corner of this amazing venue. The guests loved the fact that there was a seemingly endless supply of areas to discover and at no point did anyone go without on the food or drink front ! One of Fanhams’ great traits (in a list that stretches as far as the eye can see, and then some) is that the food and genuine smiley service leaves you feeling you’ve pushed the boat out and treated yourself to visiting that restaurant you always said you would some day, and STILL be blown away by it being better than you thought it would be!

I left at midnight having had an amazing morning, afternoon and night and I shall never forget the laughter and love I witnessed and had the pleasure of capturing that day.

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New Hertford portrait studio for family portraits

I love photographing a people in a way that makes them relaxed ! Its these moments that make for REAL images of REAL people ! Obviously I’m happy to pose people who are more comfortable in front of the camera but I don’t believe in shoe-horning people into the same poses ! A portrait should say something about the person in the image rather than the person TAKING capturing the image !

There are clearly things I’ve learned throughout my 15 year career as a photographer that means people look their absolute best and most fabulous but I genuinely feel that if someone is made to feel relaxed then I’m 95% there ! Whether the session is in my studio or out and about, the approach is the same. I always make people feel relaxed. Being in a field or forest doesn’t automatically mean someone will feel relaxed in a camera is presented 2″ from their face with a photographer ordering a ‘SMILE!!!!!’ and its why I never ask people to smile. its far better to make someone smile naturally then capture a NATURAL smile !

I truly love what I do and photographing great great grandchildren through to great great grandparents, its all a journal in a family’s life and it’s genuinely a joy to be the one entrusted to capture memories that will be precious to people forever.

For more information please feel free to email me at or give me a call ! Studio: 01992 536029 or 07903 088906

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fun family portrait sessions in beautiful airy Hertford studio

As a father of 2 beautiful babas (they are 10 and nearly 8 now so the ‘baba’ tag is becoming frowned upon now !!) it never ceases to amaze me how Hannah and Patrick (Jnr, although we never get mixed up because I am ‘dad’ and he is ‘monkey’ !) are growing up at a ridiculous rate ! I remember Hannah being so small that her head would be under my chin and her toes reach as far as my tummy ! She’s now shoulder height to me.

I love seeing them grow but its still lovely to hear e.g. Patrick making racing car noises. These are all memories but memories fade and either get forgotten or foggy at best. Its why I love what I do. I love to capture families as they are at a given time in their lives. I don’t expect (nor particularly WANT) families to come along, and pose ‘perfectly’ ! Its our ‘imperfections’ that make us perfect ! I love a child’s sometimes crooked little smile or cheeky look, totally oblivious to the fact they are looking GORGEOUS but all they’re more concerned with just being themselves !

Its lovely to regularly see families coming back year after year and I think that’s because the sessions are always fun, un-rushed (sometimes babas arrive and decide its time for ‘lunch’ or a nap, sometimes children like to come along and just settle in for a bit – its all fine by me and I allow 2 hours for what will actually take far less time when the camera starts to get going !) and there’s no pressure with regards ordering anything. I’m aware that having a family can be a costly but fabulous adventure so my prices are such that its not seen as an extravagance but an affordable ‘journal’ of a family’s life.

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Beautiful natural wedding photography at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

Oh my word ! I will ALWAYS want to photograph weddings and Helen and Bill’s wedding is a perfect example as to why ! I arrived to capture shots of Helen turning from a beautiful girl into an even more beautiful Princess, surrounded by her ‘subjects’ in the form of bridesmaids loving every minute of the morning !

The feeling of ‘love’ was there from the off. Not just between Helen and Bill but the family and friends who were all there. From Bill and his closest FIFTEEN or so best friends from when he was a boy, Helen and her aforementioned bridesmaids and friends to the family on both sides it was clearly a day that no one would have missed for the World !

I can honestly say that it was a joy from start to finish (late into the night, although it certainly didn’t feel that way !) and I left the wedding BUZZING !

I love capturing the essence of what makes each and every wedding brilliant and beautiful in its own way and simply not running through a check-list of shots to get. The magic is in the moments you couldn’t stage nor foresee coming. Obviously there are moments of beauty that I DO capture but I always like these moments to be fun and peaceful ‘them’ times for the couple and capture the family group shots in 10 minutes or less. This means that the wedding day can ‘breathe’, become a fun living day and I can capture shots that will be precious to the couple and future generations forever.

Helen and Bill, ‘thank you’ for entrusting me with your day and I’m genuinely thrilled you love your pix !






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