Wedding Photography at Luton Hoo

Sometimes a venue and a couple match perfectly to create a perfect wedding and stunning memories. Sarah and Matt’s wedding was one such day. From the minute I arrived until midnight when I left it was a complete joy. Sarah’s dress not only suited her elegant demeanour but it was a glove-like fit for Luton Hoo too. The Austin cars added another dimension to proceedings, making me feel like I stepped back in time to a time when everywhere you looked there were stunning buildings, tailoring and machines made with design first and foremost over functionality.

The wedding itself was a truly genuine and beautiful event to behold and capture. What I love most about what I do is that I’m privileged enough to be present at a day that will forever mean a great deal to a couple and generations to come will be able to ‘experience’ the day even if they were not there. By photographing a wedding unobtrusively I get to capture moments that maybe last 1/125th of a second and yet by capturing it they are frozen forever. I never take this for granted.

After the Church we made our way back to Luton Hoo and when you arrive at the top of the drive you really know you’ve arrived ! The place is breathtaking. Only word that does it justice. The grounds, the food , the ambience and the thing that really turns something from a cost into a value is the staff. I am lucky enough to travel far and wide to weddings (I’m regularly in Italy and France) and I always see how staff take care of the suppliers ‘working’ (its my passion so not ‘work’ as such !) on the day. The staff at Luton Hoo were exemplary. They treated myself and the Toastmaster as if we were guests and this, to me, says a lot about how they naturally care for all those in attendance.

The reception was a celebration to behold and the bar being in the same room as the music meant that all the guests were together for the entire night. I popped out to see how the building looked by night and as soon as I saw it was illuminated, my creative mind went into overdrive ! I asked if the couple would like some fresh air and took them outside for 5 minutes. The resulting pictures were placed at the end of the album (although they were taken earlier in the evening when the couple needed a break from showing their guests some moves !) and rounded the album off gorgeously – the feeling I was going for was that he couple’s night had ended and popped out together to just take in everything that had happened.

By capturing a day with care, passion and in a way that fits around the day itself I capture memories that will remind couples of their WEDDING and NOT a photoshoot.

I’ve never not loved what I do since becoming a photographer 15 years ago and will continue to love what I do because the memories I capture will always be something that means something to fabulous couples !

Thank you for taking the time to read this !


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Wedding photography at Essendon Country Club

There are some people, some venues and some people who work AT those venues that set them apart, in the same way that there are millions of stars in the sky but some some that just twinkle that bit brighter which makes them stand out and those observing them stand in awe. Kaley and Dennis were one such couple. The love they have for each other and their little man was so tangible I could literally FEEL it. It was such a beautiful wedding. Dennis had tears in his eyes as Kaley came walking along the aisle, his dream moments from coming true. Kaley’s dad spoke with such pride about his fabulous daughter and it made me, as a dad to a little Prince and Princess, hope that one day they would both find someone who made their lives complete, content and happy. It must surely be the most reassuring thing to observe as a parent.

In the same way you would be choosy about who’d to want to spend the rest of your life with on a desert island, you might be choosy about the island itself ! Kaley and Dennis chose Essendon Country Club and its genuinely paradise ! Its a photographer’s dream come true too ! The food, grounds and staff are all staggering but perhaps the main reason for people booking there is Jo Newell. I’ve heard her name mentioned in such high esteem by so many people now that I’m beginning to think she might be famous and that she’s somehow slipped under my radar whilst I’ve been taking photographs at a wedding or in my studio ! Jo takes care of a couples wedding as if the couple were her brother or sister but she does so with ease, grace and humour. The day ‘just’ happens, couples float around on a cloud whilst Jo makes sure everything is just as perfect as the couple dreamt it would be. Its a joy to see.



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Hertford Wedding Photography – How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer For YOU


Your wedding day will be a day like no other and when choosing a photographer there are a few top tips I would give to couples. Its a very personal role and your photographer should be someone you’d invite to your wedding anyway, someone you can feel at ease around and be yourself ! Its when we are at our most relaxed that we smile beautifully, we do not ‘see’ the camera and the memories after are as much of a surprise as anything else ! You,  your friends and family will have been looking forward to your day enormously. Friends may have been hearing about you finding the perfect dress or the plans for the Stag do.  Meanwhile, your parent’s generation and those before them will be remembering you as little Princes and Princesses, seeking a cuddle after coming off their bike or talking to their toy pony as they brush it’s mane to perfection and wondering why it only seems like a moment or 2 ago and yet here you are about to get married.

The emotions you will experience on the day will never be repeated and nor can they be planned for (although it IS a good idea to arm someone in the front row with tissues !). John Lennon once said that ‘life is what happens whilst you’re making other plans’ and its true. Obviously there are key moments throughout a wedding (getting ready, walking to the ceremony, down the aisle, exchange of rings, first kiss, signing register, confetti, family pix – which should take no more than 10 minutes and this CAN be done -, photographs of the beautiful couple, natural pix of people relaxing, the venue, speeches, first dance, evening mayhem etc !) but its the moments you CANNOT pre-empt that will bring the tears when reliving them – the laughter, knowing smile or intake of breath and this can only be achieved if your photographer respects your day, you and and your guests and let’s THEM breathe ! Its far easier to capture a beautiful image of someone smiling because they want to as opposed to them being told they NEED to ! At that point the smile becomes an ‘exam’ with all the pressures associated ! Feel relaxed and you’ll LOOK relaxed !

The main thing is wake up on your wedding, look forward to seeing your photographer again, know you are in safe hands, enjoy your Wedding Day and then afterwards RELIVE it over and over again. Its not a photo shoot, it doesn’t need ‘creating’, no one should need asking to smile or look like they are in love unless the ‘moment’ bubble has been burst ! 

Weddings are like the sea – beautiful, mesmerising and unpredictable ! Just like the sea, there’s endless fun and memories to be had if you ride those waves and live in the moment rather than try in vain to alter its course. Its perfect exactly as it is !


Mother’s Day Photo Session Gift in Hertfordshire

Being a dad it always struck me as strange that I went from being ‘Patrick’ to ‘Hannah’s dad’ overnight ! From the get-go this was absolutely FINE by me as being Hannah’s daddy is without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful, fulfilling, exciting, challenging (but in a fabulous way) and life-changing experience ever ! Same is true of our little man TOO obviously, Patpat !

Life changes IMMEDIATELY and it becomes a rarity to even have a cup of tea without worrying if there’s little hands reaching up to something they could hurt themselves on, or hungry monkeys or tired ones wanting a cuddle (which NEVER ceases to be lush !) ! I felt very lucky to be able to work from my studio and see our dudes grow up and be around them every day. It also gave me an insight into how precious it was to have some time to relax and enjoy friends and just be me for a wee bit. It felt odd at first to feel like this but it soon became clear it was essential in order to keep a part of ‘me’ to show my children in later years and also to just be able to get out and feel good !

It is for this reason that I’m doing a special photo session for all the mum’s ! Its a chance to have a bit of pampering time for them, a photo session to make them feel fabulous and photographic proof that they truly are !

The session is £95 and includes an hour shoot along with a 12″x8″ print or 2 8″x6″prints ! There’s also the option to have their make-up done professionally by Laura from Headlines for £40 for the finishing touch !


Bump To Baby Maternity Photo Packages in Hertford

As a father of 2 beautiful babas (they are now 9 and 7 but STILL our babas !!!) and a photographer I still wish I could pause and rewind each and every moment they took my breath away, brought a tear to my eye, made me feel love and pride like I never thought possible or just reminded me of how beautiful and peaceful they looked whilst they slept. Our memories are sometimes like our childhood ones. Summers were always endless, the sun always shone and it was always snowing on Christmas day. Of course none of that was true but it’s a memory painted with artistic licence care of our minds ! Photography is something that I’ve always loved with a PASSION because it’s the only way of freezing a fraction of a second in time. All parents look back at the younger years of their children’s lives and remember how lovely they were, how innocent or cheeky, how they always got in a mess or pulled a certain face when a certain food arrived. We also look back and try and remember how their eyes looked when they were at an age when they first recognised our voice but try as we might, we cannot actually ‘see’ it. We cannot see their unruly hair nor food-covered faces either !

I remember taking a photograph of Hannah (aka Spud) kissing Jacky’s tummy literally the day before Patrick (aka Patpat) was born. A moment I literally can now never forget.

The Bump To Baby package includes a bump session (yes really !), a session when baba is a month old or thereabouts and then when they reach their first birthday. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the first year of your baby’s life and it includes a frame containing an image from each session for £295.

Hertford Valentines Photo Session Gift

We all seem to be living busier lives and with technology advancing with every minute that passes, ‘time’ seems to be MORE precious and rare.

This is what, partly, has brought me to the ‘gift’ of a photo session for your loved one. The images themselves will obviously be stunningly beautiful images of that special person in your life who knows you better than anyone. That person who can be 20′ away in a crowded room, look at your fleetingly and know EXACTLY what it is you are finding funny at that time. They’ll be the person you perhaps watch sleep and wish they had more time to simply ‘be’ and do nothing other than step off the Circus of Life for a moment. Well now’s your chance to give them a gift that means they will HAVE to take some time out for themselves and be pampered !

There are 2 options with the way the session can take place. The first is for your loved one to have a photo session in my relaxed studio in Hertford (complete with lounge area and tea/coffee on tap !) and have photographs taken that remind them just how beautiful they are OR there’s the option to have their make-up done for them by Laura who will ensure that before the session has even begun they will have been 45 minutes to an hour of relax and pamper time !

Flowers last a few days, chocolates even less (if they are anywhere near ME anyway !) but beautiful photographs last a lifetime and the experience of having a hour or 2 out for oneself is something that will stick with your loved one forever. Every time they look at the images they will be reminded of the day and who felt they wanted to treat them.


Beautiful Valentines present for the Beauty in your life !

Roses are lovely but they don’t last long (especially the purple hazlenut ones if you’re anything like me !) !

I know that husbands really DO want to do something special for their loved ones so I decided to save husbands all around Hertford and the WORLD hours of head-scratching !

I have decided this year to offer portraits and pamper sessions (there is the option to have just a portrait session too of course) along with Laura from Indulgence at Headlines in Bengeo. It’s a beautiful way for your loved one to spend some well-earned ‘them’ time and receive a gift that will never fade nor be forgotten.

If you’d like further details please feel free to contact me !


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Your REGIONAL FINALIST Wedding Photographer 2016


For the FOURTH year running we were nominated and voted for by our lovely clients and we are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this prestigious title in The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards!

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores
The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores
Here is what our clients had to say:

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores




Beautiful Bordeaux, beautiful people, beautiful memories !

WELL ! Its been an AMAZING week ! Friday and Saturday I was fortunate enough to be at the FABULOUS Fanhams Hall to capture two wonderful weddings (images to follow) and was there again on Sunday to meet lots of equally fabulous people to chat about their own upcoming weddings ! BLISS !

Monday started early but for a VERY good reason, I was off to Bordeaux to photograph Samantha and Bertrand’s wedding. There are some places in the world that make you wonder if you are actually alive and there because they are just so pretty and this was certainly the case on Monday. Everything about the place was just so effortlessly beautiful which meant Sam and Bert fitted in with EASE ! Bert said something to me that resonated. We walked past a photographers and he said “they were your competition but with you we just gelled” and I LOVE that ! I love that people recognize the personal and passionate way I go about what I do even before they have seen me do what I said I would on their OWN day. I genuinely love every second of what I do and even when those seconds turned into 21 hours (!) on Monday I was still buzzing when I wandered back to the hotel. Photography has a way of freezing a moment in time so that those precious moments stay clear long after our memories become fuzzy and its for that reason I treat what I do with respect but also with true passion and a want to do it in such a way that people actually ENJOY the process ! Cameras are to photography what pens are to poetry, simply a tool to record a creative and beautiful creation and I will personally never want to stop doing what I love to do so dearly.

Thank you Sam and Bert, I look forward to going through ALL your pix but here’s a taster in the meantime !

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Kaley and Dennis at the fabulous Essendon Country Club

002patrickphotographerdsc_4316 003patrickphotographerdsc_4596 004patrickphotographerdsc_4617 005patrickphotographerdsc_4672 006patrickphotographerdsc_4706 007patrickphotographerdsc_4736 008patrickphotographerdsc_4741 009patrickphotographerdsc_4934 001patrickphotographerdsc_4237I’m very fortunate to spend a lot of time with beautiful people on their Big Day. Kaley and Dennis were not only beautiful people to photograph today but they were so genuine, grateful, decent and supreme examples that having good parents creates good parents. The whole day was bliss. There was no panic and no fuss, it was ‘simply’ 2 people clearly madly in love coming together to do what couldn’t be more natural ! There was just smile after smile, the odd tear, friends giving a million hugs, parents looking on (justifiably) with pride and a real sense that their love is a very modern day love story with a classic feel too. A sign of just how decent people they are came when Kaley made a point of standing up during the speeches to make ONE thank you, to Jo Newell. She then asked Jo to come down and presented her with a bunch of flowers for all the care and listening to them so that on the day the wedding was everything Kaley had perhaps dreamed of as a little girl. Jo looked after every aspect of the day to ensure it ran smoother than silk could ever hope to be ! Andy made sure everyone (including Daniel the toastmaster and I) received their unbelievably delicious meals on time and perfectly cooked. Its a joy to watch such a finely tuned ‘machine’ doing its thing but rather than it feel like a computer controlled technical supercar it felt more like a purring V8 !!! All in all, Kaley and Dennis and Essendon Country Club made sure my count of fabulous 2015 weddings had another addition !