Best Wedding Photographer 2013!



We were nominated and voted for by our lovely clients and we are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this prestigious title in The 2013 Wedding Industry Awards!

Here is what our clients had to say:

Why They Booked

We loved his sample albums, each couple he captures looks so happy and confident. Many other albums we looked through [elsewhere] had couples looking uncomfortable in shots. We wanted to avoid this so it was vital to find someone we were both completely satisfied with. Patrick was very friendly and made us feel at ease from our first meeting. The passion he has for his work is obvious and we trusted he would provide us with the best service on our wedding day, and we are thrilled with our wedding album! A work of art!
After meeting he was friendly, kind, caring and had fab photo skills. He’s become a good friend.
We liked his approach – someone who would take amazing photographs without being intrusive on the day. He really took his time to discuss options and details and even stayed on longer into the evening free of charge.. Jacky and Patrick have really gone that extra mile to fulfill our dream album
Everything about him, great guy with great skills
We loved Patrick’s confidence and thought that on the day he could bring order to our guests so we could get the photos we wanted. And Patrick did just that!
We just felt comfortable with him from day one and that’s what you want with photos, as posing is not a natural thing for me & my husband, but Patrick made it easy!
Recommended by a friend
Professional, easy to get along with, we felt comfortable with him, and he listened and understood us.
We were impressed by the quality of his sample albums and we had an initial meeting, where he was very helpful in giving recommendations for photos and generally how the day would go.A family friend recommendationAfter meeting Patrick we liked the way in which he planned to format the photography – ensuring guests weren’t hanging round whilst the photos were being taken. Some guests did comment on the fact they didn’t realise photos had been taken and it wasn’t a long, drawn out process that it can be at weddings!Because he is truly the best in the business around HertfordshirePatrick was recommended to us by two separate people who were very impressed with the level of service he gives and the care and attention he shows.

General comments

Patrick could not have been more enthusiastic, professional and charming. His photographs were outstanding and he captured the mood of our wedding perfectly.Fantastic guy, with great skills who became a part of our wedding. It has been a pleasure meeting up with Patrick & discussing all our needs, we got to know him as a person as well as a great photographer. He took everything about us in to consideration & the photos are perfect. Highly recommendedPatrick was approachable & professional. Our guests also loved that he was friendly and patient. We have just seen our photos and they are simply stunning! Patrick has captured everything we wished for and more…the photos tell our wonderful story of our day & we will treasure the album.Patrick was fantastic, he’s really professional well presented, reliable and a superb guy.Patrick really helped to make our day special. Can’t recommend his services enough! Friendly and unobtrusive service. Pics look awesome too 🙂An outstanding gentleman with great creative ambitions and views. The best photographer I/we have ever used, and will always recommend and use Patrick for future events in our lives .Patrick was excellent at organising the photos and really interacted well with our guests. Very nice approach and was very well presented.

Patrick was fantastic from the first meeting we had with him. He listened to how we wanted our photos to be and on the day with no more direction, pulled everything together for us with the outcome off the most beautiful album, He is such a lovely friendly guy and he will be recommended by us always

Patrick arrived early and even when the early evening was running a bit slow, he even offered to go home for an hour or two and come back later when there were more guests and entertainment, without charging us any extra.

Patrick was fantastic. We got to know him really well before our big day so he just fitted in like he was one of the guests. He knew our venue inside and out and knew exactly where to take us for that perfect shot! Amazing!

As soon as we met Patrick we wanted him to be our photographer! We had already booked another, but cancelled them so that we could have him instead. He was so polite and professional, and understood that I wanted my photos to be quick and fuss free so that we could enjoy our day with our guests.

Patrick’s style of photography was very non-intrusive yet he managed to capture some wonderful memories and moments of our day. His catch phrase “Superbo” became a talking point for some of our guests, so he managed to make an impression!

Patrick is absolutely faultless. He was so friendly and professional from the very beginning. We would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a beautiful photo album to look back on.


Scores out of ten were given for various aspects of our work, and we are proud these are our results!

Average Voting Scores

Vote Question Ave. Score
Ability of your photographer to understand, interpret and realise your vision and ideas. 9.92
Quality of expertise, advice and guidance received from your photographer. 9.92
Quality of customer service and communication received from your photographer. 9.85
Your photographer’s personal presentation and their ability to understand and fit into your wedding. 10
Quality of your photographer’s web presence (web site, facebook etc). 9.69
Coverage, delivery and quality of the finished photographs etc (including online and ‘real’ albums etc). 9.62
Value for money. 9.38

Thank you so much for all your comments!

Your School Photos

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Manic Ceramics

Special Offer – Manic Ceramics

Your baby or child’s imprint, beautifully captured in clay by Manics Ceramics, with an equally stunning photograph, mounted in a solid wood frame.

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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

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Michael Schumacher

My belated Christmas present addition would be for Michael Schumacher to make a speedy and full recovery. I had the pleasure of spending 3 days with him and other sports personalities in Portugal for a charity football match organized by Louis Figo and throughout the whole time he was an absolute gentleman. It wasn’t simply when the cameras were rolling or when he was in large crowds. Even when there were just a few people around and a child wanted an autograph or photograph he was full of smiles and only too willing to oblige. His on-track image and attitude to winning was almost machine-like but his off-track attitude could not have been more different.portrait13

Rock Choir at Watford Colleseum!

What a fabulous night with Rock Choir !!! A thousand smiling faces, each one forgetting the real world for a while and instead singing with everything they have ! The power of music is truly inspirational as are the choir leaders who effortlessly transmit their years of music theory and training into the hearts, minds and souls of those simply wanting to be a part of something beautiful and uplifting, not only for themselves but for those fortunate enough to hear them.

I hope you love looking through the pix and if anyone would like a print of any of the images I am doing a special rate for Rock Choir members, £10 for an 8″x6″ instead of the normal price of £15. Larger sizes available.

If you would like to order a print please feel free to contact me at any time !

In the meantime, keep up the beautiful work you beauties !




Special Offer!! Manic Ceramics

Special Offer – Manic Ceramics

Your baby or child’s imprint, beautifully captured in clay by Manics Ceramics, with an equally stunning photograph, mounted in a solid wood frame.

16×20 frame £175
20×24 frame £195

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Top tips from a Top DJ!

5 Reasons Why Picking the Right DJ is a Most Important Aspect of Your Wedding Day

1. To Entertain your Guests

Here’s an interesting fact for you. 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. With that in mind, it goes without saying that picking the right DJ is imperative to the success of your wedding. If your wedding cake didn’t arrive, if your car broke down or if your florist got your order wrong, none of it would have an impact on your guests’ enjoyment. But if you chose the wrong DJ and your evening reception was a flop, you can guarantee it’d be not only ‘noticed’ but remembered and talked about for a very long time to come.

2. To Make your Announcements Special

Just because someone is a DJ, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any microphone skills. Professional Wedding DJs often have extensive training to ensure they deliver the best speeches and announcements and make every bride and groom feel like the stars of the day (which, of course, they are). A mumbled introduction for your first dance, or a half-hearted attempt at waving you off at the end of the night just isn’t good enough. Some professional DJs specialise in ‘Grand Entrances’, giving brides and grooms the red-carpet treatment they deserve. Some are even able to  work with you on choreographed dances and special surprises throughout the reception. Hiring a confident and professional DJ is imperative if you’re looking to have the wedding of your dreams.

3. To Play the Right Music

Some so-called ‘professional’ DJs will arrive at your reception with pre-recorded music, making it impossible for them to accept song requests. But it’s your special day, and as such, you should be able to have the music that you love. As well as taking song requests, some professional DJs allow you to create an online playlist prior to your wedding where you can choose all of your favourites (as well as all the songs you don’t want to be played). The last thing you want is a DJ who is only interested in playing his own choices … someone who is not at all concerned about the enjoyment of your guests or getting the dance floor full.

4. To Ensure Quality Equipment

A professional Wedding DJ will have a high quality sound system and state-of-the-art lighting which is both stylish and modern. Equally as important, he’ll have a back up in the event that something goes wrong. If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on creating the right look and ambience for your wedding day, you don’t want it to be ruined by a DJ with shoddy, unreliable and out-dated equipment.

5. To Give you the Wedding of your Dreams

If you want your evening reception and your entertainment to be professional and personalised, and you want all of your guests to have a fantastic time, you really can’t afford to scrimp on your Wedding DJ. Do your homework, ask the right questions and check every DJs credentials before booking. This is your special day and you only have one chance to get it right.

Barney Grossman is the owner of Party Events Unlimited, an exclusive Hertfordshire based Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment provider.