Bump To Baby Maternity Photo Packages in Hertford

As a father of 2 beautiful babas (they are now 9 and 7 but STILL our babas !!!) and a photographer I still wish I could pause and rewind each and every moment they took my breath away, brought a tear to my eye, made me feel love and pride like I never thought possible or just reminded me of how beautiful and peaceful they looked whilst they slept. Our memories are sometimes like our childhood ones. Summers were always endless, the sun always shone and it was always snowing on Christmas day. Of course none of that was true but it’s a memory painted with artistic licence care of our minds ! Photography is something that I’ve always loved with a PASSION because it’s the only way of freezing a fraction of a second in time. All parents look back at the younger years of their children’s lives and remember how lovely they were, how innocent or cheeky, how they always got in a mess or pulled a certain face when a certain food arrived. We also look back and try and remember how their eyes looked when they were at an age when they first recognised our voice but try as we might, we cannot actually ‘see’ it. We cannot see their unruly hair nor food-covered faces either !

I remember taking a photograph of Hannah (aka Spud) kissing Jacky’s tummy literally the day before Patrick (aka Patpat) was born. A moment I literally can now never forget.

The Bump To Baby package includes a bump session (yes really !), a session when baba is a month old or thereabouts and then when they reach their first birthday. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the first year of your baby’s life and it includes a frame containing an image from each session for £295.