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Beautiful Valentines present for the Beauty in your life !

Roses are lovely but they don’t last long (especially the purple hazlenut ones if you’re anything like me !) !

I know that husbands really DO want to do something special for their loved ones so I decided to save husbands all around Hertford and the WORLD hours of head-scratching !

I have decided this year to offer portraits and pamper sessions (there is the option to have just a portrait session too of course) along with Laura from Indulgence at Headlines in Bengeo. It’s a beautiful way for your loved one to spend some well-earned ‘them’ time and receive a gift that will never fade nor be forgotten.

If you’d like further details please feel free to contact me !


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Your REGIONAL FINALIST Wedding Photographer 2016


For the FOURTH year running we were nominated and voted for by our lovely clients and we are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this prestigious title in The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards!

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores
The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores
Here is what our clients had to say:

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Voter Scores




Beautiful Bordeaux, beautiful people, beautiful memories !

WELL ! Its been an AMAZING week ! Friday and Saturday I was fortunate enough to be at the FABULOUS Fanhams Hall to capture two wonderful weddings (images to follow) and was there again on Sunday to meet lots of equally fabulous people to chat about their own upcoming weddings ! BLISS !

Monday started early but for a VERY good reason, I was off to Bordeaux to photograph Samantha and Bertrand’s wedding. There are some places in the world that make you wonder if you are actually alive and there because they are just so pretty and this was certainly the case on Monday. Everything about the place was just so effortlessly beautiful which meant Sam and Bert fitted in with EASE ! Bert said something to me that resonated. We walked past a photographers and he said “they were your competition but with you we just gelled” and I LOVE that ! I love that people recognize the personal and passionate way I go about what I do even before they have seen me do what I said I would on their OWN day. I genuinely love every second of what I do and even when those seconds turned into 21 hours (!) on Monday I was still buzzing when I wandered back to the hotel. Photography has a way of freezing a moment in time so that those precious moments stay clear long after our memories become fuzzy and its for that reason I treat what I do with respect but also with true passion and a want to do it in such a way that people actually ENJOY the process ! Cameras are to photography what pens are to poetry, simply a tool to record a creative and beautiful creation and I will personally never want to stop doing what I love to do so dearly.

Thank you Sam and Bert, I look forward to going through ALL your pix but here’s a taster in the meantime !

002sambertdsc_1654 003sambertdsc_1663 004sambertdsc_1707 005sambertdsc_1713 006sambertdsc_1723 007sambertdsc_1795 008sambertdsc_1878 009sambertdsc_1959 010sambertdsc_2022 011sambertdsc_2077 012sambertdsc_2149 013sambertdsc_2377 014sambertdsc_2384 015sambertdsc_2411 001sambertdsc_1477

Kaley and Dennis at the fabulous Essendon Country Club

002patrickphotographerdsc_4316 003patrickphotographerdsc_4596 004patrickphotographerdsc_4617 005patrickphotographerdsc_4672 006patrickphotographerdsc_4706 007patrickphotographerdsc_4736 008patrickphotographerdsc_4741 009patrickphotographerdsc_4934 001patrickphotographerdsc_4237I’m very fortunate to spend a lot of time with beautiful people on their Big Day. Kaley and Dennis were not only beautiful people to photograph today but they were so genuine, grateful, decent and supreme examples that having good parents creates good parents. The whole day was bliss. There was no panic and no fuss, it was ‘simply’ 2 people clearly madly in love coming together to do what couldn’t be more natural ! There was just smile after smile, the odd tear, friends giving a million hugs, parents looking on (justifiably) with pride and a real sense that their love is a very modern day love story with a classic feel too. A sign of just how decent people they are came when Kaley made a point of standing up during the speeches to make ONE thank you, to Jo Newell. She then asked Jo to come down and presented her with a bunch of flowers for all the care and listening to them so that on the day the wedding was everything Kaley had perhaps dreamed of as a little girl. Jo looked after every aspect of the day to ensure it ran smoother than silk could ever hope to be ! Andy made sure everyone (including Daniel the toastmaster and I) received their unbelievably delicious meals on time and perfectly cooked. Its a joy to watch such a finely tuned ‘machine’ doing its thing but rather than it feel like a computer controlled technical supercar it felt more like a purring V8 !!! All in all, Kaley and Dennis and Essendon Country Club made sure my count of fabulous 2015 weddings had another addition !

Your REGIONAL FINALIST The Wedding Industry Awards 2015

We are proud to publish our results for the third year running. All comments and votes were submitted anonymously by our clients giving them the freedom to write as they wished. We are delighted with the feedback!







Fanhams LEGEND returns ! Becka and Craig’s AMAZING day at Fanhams Hall Hotel !

These are images from Fanhams’ very own Becka and Craig’s wedding. Love Fanhams Hall …


DSC_3253beckacraigBLOG DSC_3274beckacraigBLOG DSC_3354beckacraigBLOG DSC_3506beckacraigBLOG DSC_3513beckacraigBLOG DSC_3580beckacraigBLOG DSC_3645beckacraigBLOG DSC_3657beckacraigBLOG DSC_3668beckacraigBLOG DSC_3688beckacraigBLOG DSC_3704beckacraigBLOG DSC_4197beckacraigBLOG DSC_3734beckacraigBLOG DSC_3759beckacraigBLOG DSC_3778beckacraigBLOG DSC_3794beckacraigBLOG DSC_3800beckacraigBLOG DSC_3805beckacraigBLOG DSC_3823beckacraigBLOG DSC_3827beckacraigBLOG DSC_3830beckacraigBLOG DSC_3840beckacraigBLOG DSC_3846beckacraigBLOG DSC_3989beckacraigBLOG DSC_3998beckacraigBLOG DSC_4085beckacraigBLOG DSC_4102beckacraigBLOG

Amy & Richard’s superbo wedding!

Amy and Richard travelled from overseas for their ‘superbo’ wedding at Fanhams. A truly ‘superbo’ wedding for a truly ‘superbo’ couple! Happy 1st Anniversary Amy and Richard!

Lannon_DSC_4091_RT Lannon_DSC_3280_RTLannon_DSC_4078_RT Lannon_DSC_4071_RT Lannon_DSC_4061_RT Lannon_DSC_4018_RT Lannon_DSC_4006_RT Lannon_DSC_4002_RT Lannon_DSC_3989_RT Lannon_DSC_3954_RT Lannon_DSC_3951_RT Lannon_DSC_3940_RT Lannon_DSC_3933_RT Lannon_DSC_3916_RT Lannon_DSC_3912_RT Lannon_DSC_3901_RT Lannon_DSC_3892_RT Lannon_DSC_3859_RT Lannon_DSC_3836_RT Lannon_DSC_3823_RT Lannon_DSC_3811_RT Lannon_DSC_3809_RT Lannon_DSC_3797_RT Lannon_DSC_3756_RT Lannon_DSC_3751_RT Lannon_DSC_3741_RT Lannon_DSC_3730_RT Lannon_DSC_3719_RT Lannon_DSC_3710_RT Lannon_DSC_3706_RT Lannon_DSC_3699_RT Lannon_DSC_3673_RT Lannon_DSC_3663_RT Lannon_DSC_3630_RT Lannon_DSC_3615_RT Lannon_DSC_3608_RT Lannon_DSC_3598_RT Lannon_DSC_3587_RT Lannon_DSC_3572_RT Lannon_DSC_3558 copy_RT Lannon_DSC_3552_RT Lannon_DSC_3517_RT Lannon_DSC_3505_RT Lannon_DSC_3501_RT Lannon_DSC_3482_RT Lannon_DSC_3471_RT Lannon_DSC_3463_RT Lannon_DSC_3453_RT Lannon_DSC_3445_RT Lannon_DSC_3440bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3437bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3434bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3434_RT Lannon_DSC_3422_RT Lannon_DSC_3407_RT Lannon_DSC_3406_RT Lannon_DSC_3400_RT Lannon_DSC_3398_RT Lannon_DSC_3386_RT Lannon_DSC_3381_RT Lannon_DSC_3364_RT Lannon_DSC_3349_RT Lannon_DSC_3345_RT Lannon_DSC_3340bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3325_RT Lannon_DSC_3317_RT Lannon_DSC_3307_RT Lannon_DSC_3299_RT Lannon_DSC_3280_RT Lannon_DSC_3266_RT Lannon_DSC_3345_RT Lannon_DSC_3343 Lannon_DSC_3340bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3340_RT Lannon_DSC_3340 copy_RT Lannon_DSC_3325_RT Lannon_DSC_3317_RT Lannon_DSC_3307_RT Lannon_DSC_3299_RT   Lannon_DSC_4118_RT Lannon_DSC_4116_RT Lannon_DSC_4109_RT Lannon_DSC_4104_RT

Hertfordshire Deal of the Day | Groupon Hertfordshire

Patrick Photographer Ltd Hertfordshire Deal of the Day | Groupon Hertfordshire.

Your Dream Wedding Package

We have teamed up with Special Occasion Video Productions  to provide you with the ultimate ‘Dream Team Package’. This package offers both Videography and Photography which is competitively priced and combines the experience, enthusiasm and fabulous service from two professional wedding companies. We work well along side each other and it is from these past experiences, and the requests from previous clients wanting video and photo services combined, that the ‘Dream Team Package’ was born. We hope this may be the icing on the cake for your wedding day!

For further information please phone Patrick on 07903 088906 or Martin from SOVP 07766 183940!



Christmas Draw!

GOOD LUCK!! to all those who have entered our Christmas Draw via Facebook.

There are ten free photoshoots to include £95 prints up for grabs, which will be drawn at random on Friday 19th October 2013.

xmas promo_fb competition2

The winners will be notified by personal message via Facebook. We will offer day, evening or weekend photosessions subject to availability to be taken by 30th November in order to provide your free prints in time for Christmas. There are no monetary alternatives offered if prints are not required. A list of winners will be made available on request. We wish you all the best of luck !