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Your REGIONAL FINALIST The Wedding Industry Awards 2015

We are proud to publish our results for the third year running. All comments and votes were submitted anonymously by our clients giving them the freedom to write as they wished. We are delighted with the feedback!







Fanhams LEGEND returns ! Becka and Craig’s AMAZING day at Fanhams Hall Hotel !

These are images from Fanhams’ very own Becka and Craig’s wedding. Love Fanhams Hall …


DSC_3253beckacraigBLOG DSC_3274beckacraigBLOG DSC_3354beckacraigBLOG DSC_3506beckacraigBLOG DSC_3513beckacraigBLOG DSC_3580beckacraigBLOG DSC_3645beckacraigBLOG DSC_3657beckacraigBLOG DSC_3668beckacraigBLOG DSC_3688beckacraigBLOG DSC_3704beckacraigBLOG DSC_4197beckacraigBLOG DSC_3734beckacraigBLOG DSC_3759beckacraigBLOG DSC_3778beckacraigBLOG DSC_3794beckacraigBLOG DSC_3800beckacraigBLOG DSC_3805beckacraigBLOG DSC_3823beckacraigBLOG DSC_3827beckacraigBLOG DSC_3830beckacraigBLOG DSC_3840beckacraigBLOG DSC_3846beckacraigBLOG DSC_3989beckacraigBLOG DSC_3998beckacraigBLOG DSC_4085beckacraigBLOG DSC_4102beckacraigBLOG

Amy & Richard’s superbo wedding!

Amy and Richard travelled from overseas for their ‘superbo’ wedding at Fanhams. A truly ‘superbo’ wedding for a truly ‘superbo’ couple! Happy 1st Anniversary Amy and Richard!

Lannon_DSC_4091_RT Lannon_DSC_3280_RTLannon_DSC_4078_RT Lannon_DSC_4071_RT Lannon_DSC_4061_RT Lannon_DSC_4018_RT Lannon_DSC_4006_RT Lannon_DSC_4002_RT Lannon_DSC_3989_RT Lannon_DSC_3954_RT Lannon_DSC_3951_RT Lannon_DSC_3940_RT Lannon_DSC_3933_RT Lannon_DSC_3916_RT Lannon_DSC_3912_RT Lannon_DSC_3901_RT Lannon_DSC_3892_RT Lannon_DSC_3859_RT Lannon_DSC_3836_RT Lannon_DSC_3823_RT Lannon_DSC_3811_RT Lannon_DSC_3809_RT Lannon_DSC_3797_RT Lannon_DSC_3756_RT Lannon_DSC_3751_RT Lannon_DSC_3741_RT Lannon_DSC_3730_RT Lannon_DSC_3719_RT Lannon_DSC_3710_RT Lannon_DSC_3706_RT Lannon_DSC_3699_RT Lannon_DSC_3673_RT Lannon_DSC_3663_RT Lannon_DSC_3630_RT Lannon_DSC_3615_RT Lannon_DSC_3608_RT Lannon_DSC_3598_RT Lannon_DSC_3587_RT Lannon_DSC_3572_RT Lannon_DSC_3558 copy_RT Lannon_DSC_3552_RT Lannon_DSC_3517_RT Lannon_DSC_3505_RT Lannon_DSC_3501_RT Lannon_DSC_3482_RT Lannon_DSC_3471_RT Lannon_DSC_3463_RT Lannon_DSC_3453_RT Lannon_DSC_3445_RT Lannon_DSC_3440bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3437bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3434bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3434_RT Lannon_DSC_3422_RT Lannon_DSC_3407_RT Lannon_DSC_3406_RT Lannon_DSC_3400_RT Lannon_DSC_3398_RT Lannon_DSC_3386_RT Lannon_DSC_3381_RT Lannon_DSC_3364_RT Lannon_DSC_3349_RT Lannon_DSC_3345_RT Lannon_DSC_3340bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3325_RT Lannon_DSC_3317_RT Lannon_DSC_3307_RT Lannon_DSC_3299_RT Lannon_DSC_3280_RT Lannon_DSC_3266_RT Lannon_DSC_3345_RT Lannon_DSC_3343 Lannon_DSC_3340bw_RT Lannon_DSC_3340_RT Lannon_DSC_3340 copy_RT Lannon_DSC_3325_RT Lannon_DSC_3317_RT Lannon_DSC_3307_RT Lannon_DSC_3299_RT   Lannon_DSC_4118_RT Lannon_DSC_4116_RT Lannon_DSC_4109_RT Lannon_DSC_4104_RT

Hertfordshire Deal of the Day | Groupon Hertfordshire

Patrick Photographer Ltd Hertfordshire Deal of the Day | Groupon Hertfordshire.

Your Dream Wedding Package

We have teamed up with Special Occasion Video Productions  to provide you with the ultimate ‘Dream Team Package’. This package offers both Videography and Photography which is competitively priced and combines the experience, enthusiasm and fabulous service from two professional wedding companies. We work well along side each other and it is from these past experiences, and the requests from previous clients wanting video and photo services combined, that the ‘Dream Team Package’ was born. We hope this may be the icing on the cake for your wedding day!

For further information please phone Patrick on 07903 088906 or Martin from SOVP 07766 183940!



Christmas Draw!

GOOD LUCK!! to all those who have entered our Christmas Draw via Facebook.

There are ten free photoshoots to include £95 prints up for grabs, which will be drawn at random on Friday 19th October 2013.

xmas promo_fb competition2

The winners will be notified by personal message via Facebook. We will offer day, evening or weekend photosessions subject to availability to be taken by 30th November in order to provide your free prints in time for Christmas. There are no monetary alternatives offered if prints are not required. A list of winners will be made available on request. We wish you all the best of luck !

Mill Mead School

This is your link to view and order your photographs.


You will need your proof card with your unique security code to log in.

We hope you love your photos!


Your School Photos

If you order via paper proof card and return payment to your school by Tuesday 9th July there is no delivery charge. These orders will come back via your school before the end of term. Online orders are sent direct to the address you request.

Mill Mead

Please click on the link below and enter your security code found on your proof card to view/purchase your Child’s Year photograph


Please click on the link below to view/purchase your Child’s Smaller Group or Year photographs. These are unmounted prints for framing.


Bengeo Playgroup

Please click on the link below and enter your security code found on your proof card to view/purchase your Child’s Individual photographs


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Top tips from a Top DJ!

5 Reasons Why Picking the Right DJ is a Most Important Aspect of Your Wedding Day

1. To Entertain your Guests

Here’s an interesting fact for you. 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. With that in mind, it goes without saying that picking the right DJ is imperative to the success of your wedding. If your wedding cake didn’t arrive, if your car broke down or if your florist got your order wrong, none of it would have an impact on your guests’ enjoyment. But if you chose the wrong DJ and your evening reception was a flop, you can guarantee it’d be not only ‘noticed’ but remembered and talked about for a very long time to come.

2. To Make your Announcements Special

Just because someone is a DJ, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any microphone skills. Professional Wedding DJs often have extensive training to ensure they deliver the best speeches and announcements and make every bride and groom feel like the stars of the day (which, of course, they are). A mumbled introduction for your first dance, or a half-hearted attempt at waving you off at the end of the night just isn’t good enough. Some professional DJs specialise in ‘Grand Entrances’, giving brides and grooms the red-carpet treatment they deserve. Some are even able to  work with you on choreographed dances and special surprises throughout the reception. Hiring a confident and professional DJ is imperative if you’re looking to have the wedding of your dreams.

3. To Play the Right Music

Some so-called ‘professional’ DJs will arrive at your reception with pre-recorded music, making it impossible for them to accept song requests. But it’s your special day, and as such, you should be able to have the music that you love. As well as taking song requests, some professional DJs allow you to create an online playlist prior to your wedding where you can choose all of your favourites (as well as all the songs you don’t want to be played). The last thing you want is a DJ who is only interested in playing his own choices … someone who is not at all concerned about the enjoyment of your guests or getting the dance floor full.

4. To Ensure Quality Equipment

A professional Wedding DJ will have a high quality sound system and state-of-the-art lighting which is both stylish and modern. Equally as important, he’ll have a back up in the event that something goes wrong. If you’ve spent thousands of pounds on creating the right look and ambience for your wedding day, you don’t want it to be ruined by a DJ with shoddy, unreliable and out-dated equipment.

5. To Give you the Wedding of your Dreams

If you want your evening reception and your entertainment to be professional and personalised, and you want all of your guests to have a fantastic time, you really can’t afford to scrimp on your Wedding DJ. Do your homework, ask the right questions and check every DJs credentials before booking. This is your special day and you only have one chance to get it right.

Barney Grossman is the owner of Party Events Unlimited, an exclusive Hertfordshire based Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment provider.

Milling Barn, Bluntswood Hall

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