Fanhams Hall Wedding Photography Hertfordshire

As the sun is shining today I thought I’d pop some memories up which are suitably beautiful, bright, cheerful and good for the soul ! Laura and Gareth’s wedding was an absolute joy ! There were beautiful smiles everywhere I looked and every colour of the rainbow too ! The groom and their sons were ├╝ber chic in their choice of suit. Pocket watch ? But of course ! Slick hair and strut that would make the cast of Mad Men look like were about to milk the cows ? Yes, and with staggering ease ! The bride and bridesmaids were enough to thank my lucky stars for the gift of vision ! The dresses, make-up and hair all came together to create the look a young girl perhaps dreamt of as a child, and speaking of children, their daughter looked every inch a mini-princess !

The day rolled along with ease, as weddings seem to have a habit of doing at Fanhams Hall ! The building and grounds seemed to stand even prouder than usual as the sun lit every corner of this amazing venue. The guests loved the fact that there was a seemingly endless supply of areas to discover and at no point did anyone go without on the food or drink front ! One of Fanhams’ great traits (in a list that stretches as far as the eye can see, and then some) is that the food and genuine smiley service leaves you feeling you’ve pushed the boat out and treated yourself to visiting that restaurant you always said you would some day, and STILL be blown away by it being better than you thought it would be!

I left at midnight having had an amazing morning, afternoon and night and I shall never forget the laughter and love I witnessed and had the pleasure of capturing that day.

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