fun family portrait sessions in beautiful airy Hertford studio

As a father of 2 beautiful babas (they are 10 and nearly 8 now so the ‘baba’ tag is becoming frowned upon now !!) it never ceases to amaze me how Hannah and Patrick (Jnr, although we never get mixed up because I am ‘dad’ and he is ‘monkey’ !) are growing up at a ridiculous rate ! I remember Hannah being so small that her head would be under my chin and her toes reach as far as my tummy ! She’s now shoulder height to me.

I love seeing them grow but its still lovely to hear e.g. Patrick making racing car noises. These are all memories but memories fade and either get forgotten or foggy at best. Its why I love what I do. I love to capture families as they are at a given time in their lives. I don’t expect (nor particularly WANT) families to come along, and pose ‘perfectly’ ! Its our ‘imperfections’ that make us perfect ! I love a child’s sometimes crooked little smile or cheeky look, totally oblivious to the fact they are looking GORGEOUS but all they’re more concerned with just being themselves !

Its lovely to regularly see families coming back year after year and I think that’s because the sessions are always fun, un-rushed (sometimes babas arrive and decide its time for ‘lunch’ or a nap, sometimes children like to come along and just settle in for a bit – its all fine by me and I allow 2 hours for what will actually take far less time when the camera starts to get going !) and there’s no pressure with regards ordering anything. I’m aware that having a family can be a costly but fabulous adventure so my prices are such that its not seen as an extravagance but an affordable ‘journal’ of a family’s life.

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