New Hertford portrait studio for family portraits

I love photographing a people in a way that makes them relaxed ! Its these moments that make for REAL images of REAL people ! Obviously I’m happy to pose people who are more comfortable in front of the camera but I don’t believe in shoe-horning people into the same poses ! A portrait should say something about the person in the image rather than the person TAKING capturing the image !

There are clearly things I’ve learned throughout my 15 year career as a photographer that means people look their absolute best and most fabulous but I genuinely feel that if someone is made to feel relaxed then I’m 95% there ! Whether the session is in my studio or out and about, the approach is the same. I always make people feel relaxed. Being in a field or forest doesn’t automatically mean someone will feel relaxed in a camera is presented 2″ from their face with a photographer ordering a ‘SMILE!!!!!’ and its why I never ask people to smile. its far better to make someone smile naturally then capture a NATURAL smile !

I truly love what I do and photographing great great grandchildren through to great great grandparents, its all a journal in a family’s life and it’s genuinely a joy to be the one entrusted to capture memories that will be precious to people forever.

For more information please feel free to email me at or give me a call ! Studio: 01992 536029 or 07903 088906

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