Hertford Valentines Photo Session Gift

We all seem to be living busier lives and with technology advancing with every minute that passes, ‘time’ seems to be MORE precious and rare.

This is what, partly, has brought me to the ‘gift’ of a photo session for your loved one. The images themselves will obviously be stunningly beautiful images of that special person in your life who knows you better than anyone. That person who can be 20′ away in a crowded room, look at your fleetingly and know EXACTLY what it is you are finding funny at that time. They’ll be the person you perhaps watch sleep and wish they had more time to simply ‘be’ and do nothing other than step off the Circus of Life for a moment. Well now’s your chance to give them a gift that means they will HAVE to take some time out for themselves and be pampered !

There are 2 options with the way the session can take place. The first is for your loved one to have a photo session in my relaxed studio in Hertford (complete with lounge area and tea/coffee on tap !) and have photographs taken that remind them just how beautiful they are OR there’s the option to have their make-up done for them by Laura who will ensure that before the session has even begun they will have been 45 minutes to an hour of relax and pamper time !

Flowers last a few days, chocolates even less (if they are anywhere near ME anyway !) but beautiful photographs last a lifetime and the experience of having a hour or 2 out for oneself is something that will stick with your loved one forever. Every time they look at the images they will be reminded of the day and who felt they wanted to treat them.