Hertford Wedding Photography – How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer For YOU


Your wedding day will be a day like no other and when choosing a photographer there are a few top tips I would give to couples. Its a very personal role and your photographer should be someone you’d invite to your wedding anyway, someone you can feel at ease around and be yourself ! Its when we are at our most relaxed that we smile beautifully, we do not ‘see’ the camera and the memories after are as much of a surprise as anything else ! You,  your friends and family will have been looking forward to your day enormously. Friends may have been hearing about you finding the perfect dress or the plans for the Stag do.  Meanwhile, your parent’s generation and those before them will be remembering you as little Princes and Princesses, seeking a cuddle after coming off their bike or talking to their toy pony as they brush it’s mane to perfection and wondering why it only seems like a moment or 2 ago and yet here you are about to get married.

The emotions you will experience on the day will never be repeated and nor can they be planned for (although it IS a good idea to arm someone in the front row with tissues !). John Lennon once said that ‘life is what happens whilst you’re making other plans’ and its true. Obviously there are key moments throughout a wedding (getting ready, walking to the ceremony, down the aisle, exchange of rings, first kiss, signing register, confetti, family pix – which should take no more than 10 minutes and this CAN be done -, photographs of the beautiful couple, natural pix of people relaxing, the venue, speeches, first dance, evening mayhem etc !) but its the moments you CANNOT pre-empt that will bring the tears when reliving them – the laughter, knowing smile or intake of breath and this can only be achieved if your photographer respects your day, you and and your guests and let’s THEM breathe ! Its far easier to capture a beautiful image of someone smiling because they want to as opposed to them being told they NEED to ! At that point the smile becomes an ‘exam’ with all the pressures associated ! Feel relaxed and you’ll LOOK relaxed !

The main thing is wake up on your wedding, look forward to seeing your photographer again, know you are in safe hands, enjoy your Wedding Day and then afterwards RELIVE it over and over again. Its not a photo shoot, it doesn’t need ‘creating’, no one should need asking to smile or look like they are in love unless the ‘moment’ bubble has been burst ! 

Weddings are like the sea – beautiful, mesmerising and unpredictable ! Just like the sea, there’s endless fun and memories to be had if you ride those waves and live in the moment rather than try in vain to alter its course. Its perfect exactly as it is !