Kaley and Dennis at the fabulous Essendon Country Club

002patrickphotographerdsc_4316 003patrickphotographerdsc_4596 004patrickphotographerdsc_4617 005patrickphotographerdsc_4672 006patrickphotographerdsc_4706 007patrickphotographerdsc_4736 008patrickphotographerdsc_4741 009patrickphotographerdsc_4934 001patrickphotographerdsc_4237I’m very fortunate to spend a lot of time with beautiful people on their Big Day. Kaley and Dennis were not only beautiful people to photograph today but they were so genuine, grateful, decent and supreme examples that having good parents creates good parents. The whole day was bliss. There was no panic and no fuss, it was ‘simply’ 2 people clearly madly in love coming together to do what couldn’t be more natural ! There was just smile after smile, the odd tear, friends giving a million hugs, parents looking on (justifiably) with pride and a real sense that their love is a very modern day love story with a classic feel too. A sign of just how decent people they are came when Kaley made a point of standing up during the speeches to make ONE thank you, to Jo Newell. She then asked Jo to come down and presented her with a bunch of flowers for all the care and listening to them so that on the day the wedding was everything Kaley had perhaps dreamed of as a little girl. Jo looked after every aspect of the day to ensure it ran smoother than silk could ever hope to be ! Andy made sure everyone (including Daniel the toastmaster and I) received their unbelievably delicious meals on time and perfectly cooked. Its a joy to watch such a finely tuned ‘machine’ doing its thing but rather than it feel like a computer controlled technical supercar it felt more like a purring V8 !!! All in all, Kaley and Dennis and Essendon Country Club made sure my count of fabulous 2015 weddings had another addition !