Mother’s Day Photo Session Gift in Hertfordshire

Being a dad it always struck me as strange that I went from being ‘Patrick’ to ‘Hannah’s dad’ overnight ! From the get-go this was absolutely FINE by me as being Hannah’s daddy is without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful, fulfilling, exciting, challenging (but in a fabulous way) and life-changing experience ever ! Same is true of our little man TOO obviously, Patpat !

Life changes IMMEDIATELY and it becomes a rarity to even have a cup of tea without worrying if there’s little hands reaching up to something they could hurt themselves on, or hungry monkeys or tired ones wanting a cuddle (which NEVER ceases to be lush !) ! I felt very lucky to be able to work from my studio and see our dudes grow up and be around them every day. It also gave me an insight into how precious it was to have some time to relax and enjoy friends and just be me for a wee bit. It felt odd at first to feel like this but it soon became clear it was essential in order to keep a part of ‘me’ to show my children in later years and also to just be able to get out and feel good !

It is for this reason that I’m doing a special photo session for all the mum’s ! Its a chance to have a bit of pampering time for them, a photo session to make them feel fabulous and photographic proof that they truly are !

The session is £95 and includes an hour shoot along with a 12″x8″ print or 2 8″x6″prints ! There’s also the option to have their make-up done professionally by Laura from Headlines for £40 for the finishing touch !