Rock Choir at Watford Colleseum!

What a fabulous night with Rock Choir !!! A thousand smiling faces, each one forgetting the real world for a while and instead singing with everything they have ! The power of music is truly inspirational as are the choir leaders who effortlessly transmit their years of music theory and training into the hearts, minds and souls of those simply wanting to be a part of something beautiful and uplifting, not only for themselves but for those fortunate enough to hear them.

I hope you love looking through the pix and if anyone would like a print of any of the images I am doing a special rate for Rock Choir members, £10 for an 8″x6″ instead of the normal price of £15. Larger sizes available.

If you would like to order a print please feel free to contact me at any time !

In the meantime, keep up the beautiful work you beauties !