Wedding photography at Essendon Country Club

There are some people, some venues and some people who work AT those venues that set them apart, in the same way that there are millions of stars in the sky but some some that just twinkle that bit brighter which makes them stand out and those observing them stand in awe. Kaley and Dennis were one such couple. The love they have for each other and their little man was so tangible I could literally FEEL it. It was such a beautiful wedding. Dennis had tears in his eyes as Kaley came walking along the aisle, his dream moments from coming true. Kaley’s dad spoke with such pride about his fabulous daughter and it made me, as a dad to a little Prince and Princess, hope that one day they would both find someone who made their lives complete, content and happy. It must surely be the most reassuring thing to observe as a parent.

In the same way you would be choosy about who’d to want to spend the rest of your life with on a desert island, you might be choosy about the island itself ! Kaley and Dennis chose Essendon Country Club and its genuinely paradise ! Its a photographer’s dream come true too ! The food, grounds and staff are all staggering but perhaps the main reason for people booking there is Jo Newell. I’ve heard her name mentioned in such high esteem by so many people now that I’m beginning to think she might be famous and that she’s somehow slipped under my radar whilst I’ve been taking photographs at a wedding or in my studio¬†! Jo takes care of a couples wedding as if the couple were her brother or sister but she does so with ease,¬†grace and humour. The day ‘just’ happens, couples float around on a cloud whilst Jo makes sure everything is just as perfect as the couple dreamt it would be. Its a joy to see.



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